Reiki Sisterhood

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Starting  May 2022  I will be on a "pause" for the summer months.  Please call me if you have a gift certificate to use.

Reiki Sisterhood

Sisterhood is about the bond we have as women to help uplift and encourage other women to believe in themselves and their dreams.  Sisterhood is about an unconditional love and a nurturing spirit for one another. 

You bring Reiki and Sisterhood together and just imagine the positivity and good energy we can share with the world.

Reiki Sisterhood wants to help you discover the benefits of Reiki, Chakra Balancing,  Aura Cleansing, and Massage Therapy. 

Book a Reiki appointment and add on Massage Therapy or Reflexology and feel the healing calm to your mind, body and soul.  

Rejuvenate your spirit and give yourself the power of grounding.  Give yourself permission to "let go" of unwanted energies that are holding you back from being your true self. 

Through harmony and beauty brings...  Sisterhood


Why Reiki Sisterhood?

Reiki & Massage

Combining Reiki and Massage Therapy will help restore your energy, relieve tension, balance your chakras, relax  your mind, relax your body & give you a sense of calm.


Soft music,  low lights,  positive energy, & healing  intentions.

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Starting  May 2022  I will be on a "pause" for the summer months.  Please call me if you have a gift certificate to use.


Will accept cash, credit cards, Venmo payment & local checks.

Add $5 for Himalayan Salt Stones 


60 minute | $70

90 minute | $105

Reflexology ~ no deep tissue 

60 minute | $70

Reiki with Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing                                                           

60 minute | $65                                                     

90 minute | $100

Reiki 30 minute & Light Relaxing Massage 60 minute 

90 minute  | $105

My Soul Needed This Package ~ Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, Light Relaxing Massage, and Reflexology. 

150 minute | $170

Total Relaxation Package ~ Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, and Light Relaxing Massage. 

120 minute | $135

150 minute | $170

Take Me Away Package  ~ Light Relaxing Massage and Reflexology.

90 minute | $105

120 minute | $140

Mind, Body and Sole Package  ~ Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, and Reflexology.

90 minute | $100

Starting  May 2022  I will be on a "pause" for the summer months.  Please call me if you have a gift certificate to use.
With love,


Meet Andrea


My passion is energy work.  I have seen and felt amazing things with Reiki. When our energy is balanced, chakras are open and our aura is cleansed we can function at a higher frequency which is more positive.  When our vibration is at a positive level, we attract other positive vibrations.  Energy work can assist us into feeling more at "ease" and help us "let go" of the emotions that are dragging us down.  I believe Reiki helps me live a better life in which I can be in the moment and enjoy my days fully.  I'd like to share Reiki with you.
Andrea Zitzloff


Andrea has been a Certified Massage Practitioner for over 20 years.  Andrea has had her own Massage Therapy business for most of those years in which she incorporates Integrative Health Therapies.  Andrea holds a certificate of completion for Massage Practitioner, Healing Touch, Reiki I & Reiki II,  Aromatherapy and the Seven Chakras, Hospital Massage, Massage for People Living with Cancer, Tuning Fork Therapy, Reflexology, Alpha-Stim, Korean Hand Therapy, and more.

Andrea successfully completed a Reiki Apprenticeship in 2019 and on January 26th, 2020 received her Reiki Teaching Master certificate.

What people are saying

"Incredible experience having  Reiki energy work followed by a massage, I won't go anywhere else."


Delano, MN

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